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Smoking and Atherosclerosis

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Did you know that smoking will greatly increase your risk for developing Atherosclerosis?

What is Atherosclerosis?
This is what we commonly call Hardening of the Arteries. People can develop this even without smoking, but smoking increases the risk FIFTY PERCENT faster! Hardening of the Arteries can cause heart pain by preventing oxygen from reaching the heart. Arteries can then rupture and cause a heart attack or a stroke.

Many do not know they have this until it is too late.

How can you reduce your risk?


Tampa Hypnosis – Quit Smoking Today

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Smoking can prevent your immune system from fighting diseases. Having an impaired immune system makes you more prone to diseases and viruses.

Did you know that if you are able to quit smoking your immune system can show signs up recovery in as little as 30 days. After a few years of being smoke free your immune system can return to its normal condition.

Addiction and the Habit of Smoking

Saturday, March 6th, 2010

Like any other addiction, the habit of smoking is one that is difficult to quit. Most of them continue down the road of destruction, puffing on the silent killer, day after day. People turn for help towards pills, injections, nicotine patches, support groups, inspirational books and even the revolutionary idea of genetic modification as methods to get rid of the habit of cigarette smoking. There is one way which can truly beat the habit, and that is to simply take away the very idea of smoking. It is a very wonderful concept if put into practice. It sounds so simple in statement, yet many a person finds it incredibly difficult to stay on and execute the job in an effective way.

Even those people that smoked 30 cigarettes a day for a good ten years have been able to quit the habit of smoking very quickly; that too, without any side effects such as weight gain, dizziness, strong cravings or mood changes. In order to be successful, one has to rewire one’s brain by looking at the habit from a different angle. Out of the many methods and ways pursued to quit tobacco cigarette smoking, hypnotherapy works for many people. Hypnotherapy does not involve the likelihood of a person going into a state of trance. It does not even mean that you have to leave your house. There are a lot of books and CDs that act as a sort of hypnotic therapy activity. Taking the help of hypnotherapy to kick the habit of smoking is quite simple; and it has got the potential to changes your views regarding smoking. You might go in for the argument that smoking helps you shed your anxieties, but hypnotherapy will try to reprove whether this is really the case.

In short, hypnotherapy can remove the reasons you put forward for continuing with the habit of smoking. If you fall short of having any justification for your urge to smoke, then you may not feel the need to pick up and light a cigarette. Smoking is first and foremost a sort of psychological addiction, and some of the remedies do not help remove the psychological bond you have with tobacco cigarettes; instead, they just go on to strengthen it. How many times have you been to the cinema and sat there for a few hours without feeling the urge to smoke? In fact, the only time a person wants a cigarette is when he actually thinks about the fact that he has not smoked for a while.

To conclude, it is important that you break your psychological dependence on cigarettes. The only way to break the barrier of psychological addiction is to streamline the thought patterns you have subconsciously developed over the course of your smoking stint during your smoking life period. One of the best ways would be to achieve this through hypnotherapy. If you are really intent on getting rid of the habit, ensure that you do not replace one addiction with another one.

The Ways People Quit Smoking

Saturday, March 6th, 2010

Stopping smoking could be achieved by numerous methods. Nevertheless, prior to going for any of the techniques, i suggest you research all the methods and choose the one which fits you most.

1. Cold turkey: Cold turkey refers to giving up smoking right away without any support. Therefore, an individual ought to go through all the urges and enticement that he/she will probably face next. Cold turkey is one of successful method to stop smoking. As you can imagine, it is the cheapest.

2. Nicotine patches: These kind of patches function through providing the body with doses of nicotine. It can help prevent the craving for nicotine when a person stops cigarette smoking. This particular smoking cessation won’t perform until the individual is set on giving up. The actual effectiveness is less when compared to other smoking cessation techniques.

3. Nicotine gums: They work on exactly the same base as nicotine patches. In this case, it’s a chewing gum providing you with little dosage of nicotine. Once again, this isn’t efficient until the individual is set and carries a strong committment to quit smoking.

4. Therapies: There are many sorts of treatments that are offered to help people who want to quit smoking. Team therapies, Individual therapies, cognitive behavioral therapies etc. guide a person by aiding them in giving up. These kinds of remedies concentrate on supplying the stength to giveup smoking.

5. Hypnotherapy: These therapies work by affecting the sub conscious mind of the smoker. The sub conscious mind is hypnotised in to thinking that the person never smoked and does not have to have smoke. This method offers one of the greatest success rates. The only con is that it can’t help anyone who is not ready to quit smoking. Until an individual truly wants to quit smoking, hypnotherapy won’t work on them.

Smoking cessation is something that everyone wants to do currently, mainly due to all the benefits of quitting smoking cigarettes. Many are actually successful and have improved their own life with the use of various techniques. Merely a small fraction of folks that giveup smoking are able to sustain their abstinence.

Research has shown that those who quit smoking making use of bodily aids like nicotine patches and gums are prone to return to cigarette smoking in comparison with individuals who make use of natural methods to giveup smoking, such as cold turkey or hypnosis.
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List of Top Reasons People Use Hypnosis

Saturday, March 6th, 2010

This subject will be open to a lot of debate as different therapists will have different views on the matter. I can only speak from my own experience and hope you find the information useful.

Hypnotherapy is becoming more and more popular and this list I expect to change fully over the next couple of years as we continue to find more and more uses for this wonderful science. However the following list seems to have stood the test of time and if any of them do drop out of the top five im sure they will always be in anyone’ s top ten.

Stop Smoking – Stopping smoking is being publicised everywhere currently and the pressure to stop is huge. This has got to be the most popular reason that people visit a therapist even if they dont want to stop as they believe it is some magical source that will make them stop even if they dont want to. This isnt the case as hypnotherapy is a 100% consensual therapy and if you are not 100% committed to the outcome it will not help.

Lose Weight – Everybody seems to be having plastic surgery today so as with the smoking the pressure on people is immense to lose weight. Hypnotherapy can help here greatly as through hypnotherapy you will delve into eating habits and find out the reasons why you eat what you eat, why you eat it when you eat. Coupled with lots more in depth subconscious work the therapist will help improve your eating habits that will assist in weight loss. Relieve Stress – Stress is another area that can be helped hugely through Hypnotherapy. Hypnosis is state of mind that relies heavily on the client being totally relaxed. Stress relief can usually be helped very quickly with minimal sessions and is usually backed up through the help of audio hypnotherapy whereby the client can take a recording home to use as and when needed.

Building Confidence – This is more of a personal issue and is one that is massively popular but a lot less talked about. Low confidence or self esteem usually stems from something that happened at a younger age. Through Hypnotherapy we can delve into the past and help pin point the exact moment that caused the low self esteem and confidence. Usually when clients are presented with this exact moment and the therapist explains to them that it isnt their fault this can help almost immediately.

Phobias – Nobody likes to even think about their phobia so to take the step to overcome any phobia is a massive step and once the therapist sits you down he or she will explore the reasons why through regression. As with confidence and self esteem we are not born with these phobias. Something has triggered them so by pin pointing the exact moment any phobia can be cured relatively quickly.

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy continues to be extremely successful at helping people with all sorts of issues so is definitely worth exploring even out of curiosity as you will be surprised and just how far this form of therapy reaches.
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