List of Top Reasons People Use Hypnosis

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This subject will be open to a lot of debate as different therapists will have different views on the matter. I can only speak from my own experience and hope you find the information useful.

Hypnotherapy is becoming more and more popular and this list I expect to change fully over the next couple of years as we continue to find more and more uses for this wonderful science. However the following list seems to have stood the test of time and if any of them do drop out of the top five im sure they will always be in anyone’ s top ten.

Stop Smoking – Stopping smoking is being publicised everywhere currently and the pressure to stop is huge. This has got to be the most popular reason that people visit a therapist even if they dont want to stop as they believe it is some magical source that will make them stop even if they dont want to. This isnt the case as hypnotherapy is a 100% consensual therapy and if you are not 100% committed to the outcome it will not help.

Lose Weight – Everybody seems to be having plastic surgery today so as with the smoking the pressure on people is immense to lose weight. Hypnotherapy can help here greatly as through hypnotherapy you will delve into eating habits and find out the reasons why you eat what you eat, why you eat it when you eat. Coupled with lots more in depth subconscious work the therapist will help improve your eating habits that will assist in weight loss. Relieve Stress – Stress is another area that can be helped hugely through Hypnotherapy. Hypnosis is state of mind that relies heavily on the client being totally relaxed. Stress relief can usually be helped very quickly with minimal sessions and is usually backed up through the help of audio hypnotherapy whereby the client can take a recording home to use as and when needed.

Building Confidence – This is more of a personal issue and is one that is massively popular but a lot less talked about. Low confidence or self esteem usually stems from something that happened at a younger age. Through Hypnotherapy we can delve into the past and help pin point the exact moment that caused the low self esteem and confidence. Usually when clients are presented with this exact moment and the therapist explains to them that it isnt their fault this can help almost immediately.

Phobias – Nobody likes to even think about their phobia so to take the step to overcome any phobia is a massive step and once the therapist sits you down he or she will explore the reasons why through regression. As with confidence and self esteem we are not born with these phobias. Something has triggered them so by pin pointing the exact moment any phobia can be cured relatively quickly.

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy continues to be extremely successful at helping people with all sorts of issues so is definitely worth exploring even out of curiosity as you will be surprised and just how far this form of therapy reaches.
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