Clearwater Florida Resident and Hypnosis Sessions

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Testimonial from Debbie in Clearwater about how Tamara helped her with her pain and stress and sleeping better at night.

Debbie Had Never Experienced Hypnosis and Was Really Nervous But Was Very Relaxed with Tamara And Would Recommend Tamara to Everyone and Anyone!

Debbie from Clearwater Florida was really nervous because she had never experienced hypnosis before her session with Tamara. But she was very relaxed with Tamara because Tamara was so calming and reassuring. Tamara’s voice was extremely wonderful to experience, easy to follow and so calming. Debbie says she has been sleeping well, her pain is wonderful, stress has been relieved and Debbie has told all her friends about St. Petersburg Hypnosis and recommended Tamara to everyone she works with and would recommend Tamara to everyone and anyone.

Tamara is Absolutely Wonderful Debbie says.

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