The Social Stigma of Smoking

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Many do not realize how smoking affects their physical health as well as their social activities. Think about how often you avoid certain places based on if smoking is permitted. How many times have you had to leave a party setting just to smoke a cigarette?

Quitting smoking can help you to participate in activities you would normally avoid as a smoker. You could have increased self confidence just by quitting the smoking habit.

The chemicals in nicotine are very addictive – once you are addicted you develop the physical craving for the physical and mental effects of nicotine. When you finally are able to quit smoking you are breaking free of the chemical addiction to nicotine.

In the 80’s and 90’s being a smoker was an ‘in’ thing to do with the younger people. Now, it is more ‘in’ to be a non-smoker. Being addiction free is seen in a positive light.

If you are tired of being addicted to cigarettes and want to finally break free of the chains of smoking hypnosis is the answer

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